Pedal Superior

What is "Pedal Superior"?

It is the name, (admittedly lacking in creativity or whimsy,) of an expedition I am undertaking over the next few years.   I am striving to design and build a pedal-powered boat to circumnavigate Lake Superior in its entirety.   Building the boat itself, a simple yet functional design, is the first and most time consuming task - the actual pedaling around the lake will be a comparatively short venture, (at least in my naive calculations).

The questions people are asking are usually preceded by a why...why not paddle, why not simply bike, why Superior,  etc.   The answer is not complex - answers involving a mid-life crisis or a "personal journey" are not part of the rationale - but simply to explore, have adventure, and combine many of the pastimes I love.  I love to cycle, and am an avid bicycle commuter throughout the year.  I also love to take canoe trips and paddle canoes.  I am also deeply "smitten" with the greatest of all lakes.  To try and explain why Lake Superior has such a hold on me to someone who does not understand it would be an impossible task - only those who have felt the tug of Superior's inland sea will be able to comprehend it, and to them, no explanation is needed.  So, there it is - an adventure that combines canoeing and cycling, along the shores of Superior.

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